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Access Control

Providing you the access and control through security solutions.

DV&D Group is able to offer a combination of combined security packages. We are a gold dealer for Paxton Access Control, meaning we are able to offer you the security in knowing the product as well as our installation engineers being fully trained, not only in the installation but in the programming of the systems. We can provide you with a service from start to finish that is not only providing a quality product but also delivering expert engineers filled with support and experience.

Our Access Control Services to You

We are able to design a solution and offer advice as to our access control services. We can support you in knowing which sort of security locking mechanism suits which type of door, with the ability to integrate the access control system with the fire alarm system allowing all doors to open and shut if required when the alarm is activated.

With the need to limit and control access to sensitive data and specific areas within the workplace, having a correctly designed access control system is a requirement that has become a vital part of today’s business world.

Our access control system will allow the safe movement of authorised employees, visitors, contractors, throughout the workplace; it will help prevent loss of stock and personal possessions whilst keeping sensitive information safe. It can also be used alongside vehicle barriers, to control vehicular traffic to and from a site, whilst allowing the same ID token to be used to grant users access to and from the premises.

With an access control solution designed and installed by DV&D Group, you can have a tailor-made system using the latest access control technologies which are scalable, flexible and easy to use.

We also work with Paxton Access Control and are gold installers, whilst also working with other leading manufacturers, meaning we can offer you a bespoke solution suitable to your requirements.

Reassurance in Choosing the Right Access Control

Choosing an access control system is an imperative decision for most companies. When selecting a system, it needs to match your requirements on reliability, cost effective and more importantly user-friendly for those that use it and those that manage it.

With our in-house experienced security team, we are focused on support, supply, install and management maintenance to ensure we are giving you as an organisation the safety, security and support needed. Whether it’s securing a single door, the main door to your building or dozens of doors throughout an office block, we can supply a door entry system to fit your needs. Our access control services are completely scalable and unique to your requirements, meaning we can grow with your business and the needs of your building’s security.

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DV&D are able to offer:

  • Door entry systems
  • Door security
  • Security access control
  • Tailored to the security you need
  • A one-stop-shop to design, install, test and maintain
  • Protecting the premises and staff through increased security

Can we help?

If you have a project, we would be suitable for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

What services we can provide to you:

Intruder Alarm

  • Save time by integrating Net2 and reduce false alarms
  • Control your intruder and access systems as one, across different areas of the building.
  • Integrate Net2 with your fire alarm and program your system to automatically open fire doors in the event of an emergency to improve safety.

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Category M systems are Manual
    Alarms under this category are manual fire alarm systems where the alarm needs to be activated, for example by a person activating a break glass unit. These basic systems rely on a person to discover the fire and act on.
  • Category L systems are for life protection
    L1 – Earliest possible fire detection
    L2 – Fire detection in specified areas
    L3 – Protecting paths to fire escape
    L4 – Protection of fire escape routes
    L5 – Localised fire protection
  • Category P Fire Detection Systems
    P1 – Complete fire protection for earliest possible warning
    P2 – Fire detectors for defined parts of a building

    The difference between categories L and P are that L systems are designed to protect life, Category P systems have the primary aim of protecting a property from fire.