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IP Telephony

DV&D Group Ltd IP Telephony services offer high quality, scalable solutions.

What is IP Telephony

IP telephony is here to replace the older PBX systems. Using a network infrastructure, the same as computers, IP phones can easily be deployed and moved, without any rewiring or reprogramming, as the extension number stays with the phone.

Most IP telephone systems use a licenced based system, which allows growth simply by adding licences and expanding the network infrastructure, meaning all of the existing PBX functions are available, as well as additional IP functions, such as remote working. With IP telephony it allows less stress and much more simplified processes as it enables you to simply pick up your phone and take it to a remote location, where you can reconnect to the internet, and back to the main IP telephone system.

With IP telephony advanced technologies is has also enabled the use of Video calling technology between handsets.

This is the new solution to phone systems and services. Contact us today to find out more information or to discuss your requirements.

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